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I love reading, which means, obviously, that I have loads of books that I've bought to get through. I review books through NetGalley, though I admit I much prefer holding an actual book rather than some electronic contraption. There's nothing like the feel and smell of a new book, and opening up to that first page.

I would welcome books from any publisher who thinks they have something special that I may like. I'm open to most suggestions but I love crime fiction, general literature and young adult books, but I'm definitely not a fan of Science Fiction or vampire books.

I read A LOT, but like most people I have to be in the mood to read a certain book, and then of course there may be a new release which interrupts the whole reading schedule! I post all reviews on this blog and then, when I get round to it, they may also appear on Amazon and/or goodreads. If there's a book I've particular enjoyed or am really looking forward to, I also mention it on Twitter.

You can contact me via the contact button on this blog, or get in touch via Twitter (@iabrew) or if all else fails.