I'm in a bit of dichotomy as to whether this book irritated or satisfied me. Not that I didn't enjoy it - I do feel like I say that a lot - but well, it was the ending really, which sort of seeped throughout the rest of the book.

I did enjoy it, let me get that out of the way to start. I was enchanted by the characters - infuriated at times by Maggie, but then sort of understood her actions. Whilst I didn't get a physical image of Tom Douglas, I connected with him emotionally and was rooting for him, and for Becky, to triumph against the bad guys.

So my irritation?

I guessed who Invictus was as soon as the character was introduced. Now, sometimes, knowing who the villain is doesn't bother me at all, indeed the novel I'd read immediately before this suffered the same fate to no detriment. But her, in Kill Me Again, it really irritated me. I shouted at the book and the characters for just not seeing it.

My irritation therefore was totally unfounded by what I thought was the ending, only then to be brought back ten-fold when my prediction was made correct by the actual ending. I hope that is neither annoyingly woolly or a total giveaway which spoils your enjoyment of the book!

I just hoped I was wrong. I hoped that I would be pleasantly surprised by the main villain. I just hoped it wasn't so bloomingly, irritatingly obvious!