Is there anybody else that has the overwhelming compulsion to buy books? I honestly can't remember a week recently where I haven't bought at least 1 book, and in fairness, I rarely buy just one at a time. I buy them far more quickly than I can read them - so why can't I wait? Why can't I just see and book and make a note of it and buy it when I've finished my pile? Apparently over the past 3 or 4 years the term "abibliophobia" has been coined which is "the fear of running out of reading material". To be fair though I don't even think it's that; I'm quite logical in thinking that there's always something to read in my house. Could it be that completest tendency I have? But instead of a real need to complete my set of Letraset Promarkers, I'm trying to somehow complete my book collection?


I know I just love reading. It's my one try vice. I don't smoke, and thanks to my heap of medication I can't even settle down with a nice glass of wine - so what's left? What's left for me to enjoy but my books?

True, there might be some that are a little neglected, being tucked away in the dining room bookcases for way longer than is acceptable. But I do derive some pleasure from sitting eating my dinner (or supper if you prefer) looking at my hitherto unread beauties.

Part of the problem has stemmed from my 'I'm finding it too hard to move pile', that has mysteriously grown to 34 books over the space of a few months. It wouldn't be so bad if I didn't have another 100 (ahem) more awaiting me! It is now taller than the radiator and does mean that the hoover has slightly less of the carpet to caress, but I like it. I like that I can finish one and not worry about reaching for the next. And as long as I don't spend too long contemplating just how much my little problem has cost me, I can just look at them as part of the furniture. I have made a deal with myself that I'm not buying any books this week (I have to withdraw from this slowly), only time will tell whether I can do it.

So in the meantime, what else is there to do but read? Whilst I'm anxiously awaiting the new offerings from Dorothy Koomson and Celia Ahern that is. I'm not taking this whole withdrawl thing quite so seriously.