Ooh, ooh, the follow-up is due out in September 2016. How many days is that I need to wait?

I LOVED this book. Loved it. I had absolutely no idea who the killer was - none - it was bliss.

I adored the resourceful Helen Grace; felt touched by her bitter past and troubled present. The two officers, Sanderson and Charlie Brooks trying to vie for Grace's attention and approval, provided for a book that doesn't shy away from anything.

This is a relatively gory offering, the murders occurring to people active in the BDSM world. It's certainly not a book you'd want your child to get hold of, well I wouldn't anyway! It was certainly an eye-opener for sure.

Grace is such a three-dimensional character that everything makes sense. The reason she behaves the way she does, why she hides aspects of herself; it totally gels. I now that should be fairly standard in all novels, but it really isn't. She reminds me in some way of the character Thorne by Mark Billingham; he's another one that just works.

It is so lovely to be actually gushing about a book.