I'm not sure if I truly loved this book, I liked it for sure. If I'm honest though I could have done without the whole 'searching for your mother' part of the story. It felt too much like an add-on, as a plot mover rather than an intrinsic part of the story. Might just be me though!

This was a very interesting plot I thought - the idea of what happens when a dreadful, lurid video of a sex-act on holiday turns into a viral event. Is 'event' the right word? I feel as if I'm a bit too old to truly understand what it takes for a viral video. Anyway, sorry, digressing as usual.

I understood the reasoning as to why Su ran away, why the character was adopted - though I don't think her being adopted changed the reaction of the video being streamed; was it used to create the division/rivalry between her and Leah? So I guess I understood it but I wasn't too sure what it added to the relationships in the book. I dunno! Maybe I'm giving this too much thought, which is entirely possible.

Would Sue and Leah's mother Ruth, have reacted in the same was if she wasn't a court judge? Possibly, probably. Was the reason she was a court judge used to show how far she would risk her career to seek retribution? Or was the retribution because that's what she was used to dealing with? Or was so she would have access to the remarkable Michael MacDonald and his seemingly extraordinary detective powers?

I don't know; I loved the idea of the book, but some of it just seemed a bit far-fetched to be truly realistic. Having said all that, I'm not letting my daughter go to Magaluf alone when she's older!