This was a nice quick afternoon read, written with a flair that makes it easy to lose yourself.

I have to say I felt very little, if any, sympathy for the 'victim' Vivien, finding her quite an unlikeable character, even before the dynamics between her and her daughter Lexi.

I couldn't even find any affinity with Vivien's husband, Ben. I'm not sure why though - whether it was the character or the way he was written.

I could, sort of, find some collusion with Rose. The never-ending battle between having to work and spending time with your child is one that will ring true to many women. And the ensuing guilt that Rose feels is understandable, as is her desire to look after her granddaughter through her grief.

I'm not sure what I thought; I can recommend it as a good read, but don't go expecting any huge surprises. It won't blow your mind, but it won't bore you either.