Right, I have to admit and confess to one things from the start - I failed to read the front cover properly which very clearly reads, 'A true story of the ultimate Deception'. It's funny how your mind can totally misread something! So I spent all but 20 pages going to myself, this has to be real because it makes a truly terrible piece of fiction. No-one could make this story up, honestly. So I'm now in that truly bizarre place of trying to switch my brain from looking at this as a plot, to trying to assess it as a cathartic process of a young woman's ordeal.

What Megan Henley went through is hard to comprehend. A tale of deceit, emotional abuse and a lesson to everyone that not all online personas are actually real.

To be honest I'm not really a great fan of this type of autobiographical telling a tale. And, if I'd read the cover properly, I wouldn't have picked it up; and I hard to force myself to keep reading it.

I have the utmost respect for Ms Henley for escaping such an (or in fact a few) abusive relationships. I could sit here and spout out a multitude of examples of why I didn't like this book and why, for me, it wasn't particularly well-written, but I can't in all honesty sit and judge it.

For me it would have been a tale best written for the purpose of exorcising the ghosts of a troubled life rather than something published for the world to pick apart, but that's just my opinion.