Oh, Beneath the Surface, is such a beautiful book. There's a dark mystery at the heart of it, but it tugged on my heartstrings plenty of times. Granted I've had a bit of a tough weekend, but even the acknowledgments had me crying!

The characters are wonderfully crafted, Abigail as the deserted, abandoned teenager is written with such feeling that I couldn't help but be cheering her on. Though we're only given highlights as to what her life was like after her abandonment, it's not too hard to piece together the devastation it caused.

Abigail's relationship with Adam, told through her letters to him, offers us hope that she will triumph and I certainly got the sense of love and, sadly, guilt, which existed between the two of them.

Kathryn was a very unlikeable character to begin with, but I have to say my feelings towards her did change. Not so much that I liked her at the end, just that I could understand, well sort of. I think that by saying I understood that I am somehow condoning what she did; I'm not!

The toxic Eleanor was the focus for my distaste throughout. One can only imagine what she went through as a child to make her such a controlling, manipulative Mother. She really was horrid and I can't help but feel she got a better ending that she deserved. But in her own way, she remained as controlling at the end as she did throughout.

Hannah and Laure, were, as described by others in the novel, beautiful. The bond they shared was wonderful, I got a real sense of their closeness and their touching compassion to their mother, Kathryn.

I wished nothing but happiness for Abigail, Hannah and Lauren, and even to an extent, Kathryn. I am so happy that I found this book, even the tears that fell were mixed with joy.

I am so looking forward to Heidi Perks' next novel - anyone know when that is?!!