2012 this novel was published in hardback, if I checked I could probably tell you the month. Nevertheless that's 4 years ago now. 4 years this book has been sitting on my bookshelf, taunting me to read it. Why?

Why do I feel the need to keep buying and buying books, to have them mocking me for leaving them unloved.

In fact that brings me quite neatly into Finders Keepers - "You don't love them" - is one of the notes found at the site where two young girls go missing. I don't usually say anything about plot lines really' preferring to leave that to the blurb, but it was too good a Segway to be ignored!

Anyway, getting back to the point of it. Why did I leave it so long before reading Finders Keepers?

I enjoyed the brooding, grieving figure of Jonas Holly, though he still seems quite a distant, unreliable heroic policeman. I wasn't that keen on Reynolds for reasons I can't quite put my finger on. And the two female adults of Elizabeth Rice and Kate Gulliver, did nothing to endear themselves to me either. I just wasn't that invested in them.

The kidnapped children, well some of them, evoked a much more visceral response in me. In one case in particular, that of young Charlie Peach, my emotions were perhaps a bit too attached.

I loved the first third of the book, when it was unclear as to who the baddie was, so I had a bit of an unwelcome attitude to part 2 initially. Not that it wasn't as well-written and crafted as what preceded it, more that I was enjoying the whodunit element. Personally I think it could have ended a chapter earlier and not suffered one iota for it. In fact it might have been a better alternative to the one we got, which left me a bit deflated.

If you haven't read this yet - and you like this genre - please try it.