DS Manon Bradshaw is lovely, what a blessed relief to just have a "normal", marginally screwed-up, but essentially great, female lead role in a book.

Missing, Presumed has a myriad of plot developments happening constantly, all intertwining to make a thoroughly enjoyable read.

The crime aspect of the book bubbles away happily, twisting and turning sufficiently that I began to question what I suspected. But it was Manon's relationships which held it all together, I was concerned about what happened to Edie Hind, but I was perhaps more concerned with whether Manon would actually find happiness. Surely I was not the only one begging for her to get it together with Davy? Or perhaps I was!

It's this interest in Manon which makes me hope that I haven't seen the last of her. You just can't help rooting for her.

Please Susie Steiner, I'm sure there's more of her that you could lovingly share with us? Especially now she has a new patch to work?!?