I'm in a bit of a quandary about The Lie. I loved all but the last 40 pages of it. Well, I think I did; I'm writing this the next morning as I took it to bed to finish it - well that in itself is a good thing isn't it?

The ending was just so flat for me - I don't know how it could have been better, but it was just an anti-climatic finish to what held the promise of being revelatory from the outset. I have vague recollections of The Accident being the same, but I might be wrong!

It's a very good novel at analysing the different female relationships, with Jane Hughes as the central character.

The flashbacks to the time in Nepal, are both interesting and creepy. Issac is a quiet, menacing character, and the plot developments are believable.

The way the relationships between Jane, Leanne, Daisy and Al, change and adapt as events unfold is, and I'm struggling for the right word her; scary, I think best sums it up. How one person can totally destroy a group of friends. It's easy for people to believe the worst of someone, even if they have known that friend for a while. People always confuse me; this isn't related to the book, just one of my musings.

I'm still unsure as to the fate of Ruth; whether the events of the night were actually as they were presented. But maybe that's the intention? Things left open to interpretation? Possibly.

Anyway, The Lie is worth a read.