Well I think it's fair to say my itch has been well and truly scratched. This was my lovely haul from the weekend, not bad I'm sure you'll agree.

Have I told you how much I love Waterstones? It's very unusual that I can go in there and not find something interesting to read. This time was Shtum - I'm really looking forward to it, but I'm not quite sure where it's sitting on the 'read now' pile yet. It was one of the recommended ones by my local branch, and I've discovered some really good ones through that before so I'm quite inclined to be drawn towards them.

The other sort of new entry is The Secret to Not Drowning which was recommended by the excellent Standard Issue online magazine (http://standardissuemagazine.com/). Apparently telling a story of emotional abuse, it looks quite a challenging thought-provoking book.

The other two that weren't on my list were those impulse buy books. The Reader on the 6.27, I'd picked up to read the blurb and then put it down because I'd already gathered quite a pile. However, then I was offered it at half price at the till so, well, what could I do? See, absolutely no willpower whatsoever!
The Last Act of Love I'd picked up earlier in the day at Asda, as part of the buy 2 for £7 deal, along with While My Eyes Were Closed. It has received lots of plaudits, so whilst I don't ordinarily read many of these type of books, I'm hoping that I can take something uplifting from it. Not of course, that it owes me anything at all.

The other three were on my wanted list so obviously I don't need to justify any of those!

And so, there we have it, the pile grows ever bigger. 7 books to replace the 1 I've nearly finished. I did buy 4 books for the children though so I'm not the only one with a problem!