That was great - Maggie O'Farrell has such a distinctive writing voice it's a pleasure to lose yourself in it for a while. And I took my time with this, not because I struggled to get through it, just that I was really enjoying savouring each delicious word.

I was totally sucked into Daniel and Claudette's worlds, living each up and down quite viscerally. It was certainly a roller-coaster of a journey, both for them, and for me as a reader. The journeys are believable and kept drawing me back to the book and further into the story.

Each character is brought to life by O'Farrell, and perhaps with the exception of Timou, I liked all of them.

It's a definite tale of what could have been. Certain events are just sad missed opportunities, some merely through circumstance and some because of the actions of other people. And whilst we are not all celebrated film stars, we each share the same pressures and forces which pull us one way or another; so it's easy to identify with both Claudette and Daniel and the paths their lives take.

The novel does flit constantly between time frames, but I didn't feel that this was in any way detrimental to the book, again, if anything, this made me want to keep reading.

I'm going to do one of my little tangents here, and this will be of no interest if you have a Kindle, but peeling the dust jacket off and finding that imprinted map rather than a plain cover, was a joy. It was so beautiful I peeled the dust jacket back quite a few times just so I could marvel at it. Small things etc.!

This Must Be The Place was a terrific read. Perfect to lose yourself in.