What a delightful, sinister book this one is. It's crafted with enough twists and turns that I was constantly on the back foot.

There's the question of what could have caused the death of uber-talented Marianne and the unsaid contents of the paper introduced in the prologue. What causes someone with a bright future to fall or jump to their death? This pervades through this novel like a storm cloud threatening to unleash its wrath at any minute. There were just so many secrets, too many instances of people not being who they purported to be; from the ghost of Seb to the once-famous Peter Turk.

The characters were drawn well throughout. The friendship and closeness that Rowan shared with not only Marianne but the whole of the Glass family, was touching considering her own fractured home life. It was no wonder then that Rowan seemed so intent of finding out what had actually happened to the person who was more like a sister to her than a friend.

But throughout the story, the ghost of Marianne was there to unnerve me, making me feel disjointed and untrusting. I did actually feel quite sorry for her because it felt like some people were using her as a sort of cash cow to line their own pockets, rather than being her friend.

The search for truth is what drives this novel, I for one enjoyed the journey, even though I'm not sure I got the answer I wanted. A very good, enjoyable read.