This probably contains some spoilers to the plot!

Unfortunately this one just wasn't my cup of tea. I did read it to the end but I have to admit it was a bit of a struggle.

I enjoyed the action scene towards the end of the book, and I think for me, this is were the strength of the writing came through. It was action-packed and had the right elements of tension to keep me hooked. Chapter One held so much promise, and was actually quite disturbing; the method of killing being terrifying in its simplicity.

This wasn't the case for the rest though. I found the whole premise of Dom's involvement so far-fetched that it just wasn't believable. I don't think that a respectable, ordinary Father and Husband, would just decide it was ok to rob a post-office because someone suggested it. Surely there would have to be some logical reason behind such a decision - like his business was in trouble so he couldn't keep up with the mortgage payments. It evidently wasn't about the money, and him trying to prove he was exciting, was in my opinion, quite ludicrous.

Then there was the relationship between Dom and Emma. Would you seriously look at someone who has put the lives not only of yourself, but also your daughter, in jeopardy and feel a rush of love for them? No, you'd actually just piggin' hate them. My personal psyche wouldn't think how wonderful fearing I was going to be stabbed was! A big thing was made about Daisy being good at martial arts, but that never came into play in the book. It just didn't work for me.

It would, in my opinion, have been a better book just centred around Andy - he was at least logical. It just did not hook me, or, bar those few pages, keep me entertained at all. Even when I was willing it to finish, it kept going, trying to tie it all up. I really could go on, but like I felt reading the book, what's the point.

Not good.