An enjoyable, if slightly predictable read, though of course it might just be me who found it predictable!

The whole mystery surrounding the missing/dead Sophie is interesting and I'm sure will hold your attention, but I did work out fairly early on what had happened to Sophie. The writing is such though that I didn't mind knowing so much.

I did find myself becoming irritated by Frankie's thinking, and the constant changing of her mind, though I guess that this is more down to the history in the book rather than the author's writing style. I hope so anyway! Frankie, whilst irritating, does engender some sympathy. Her confusion and anguish over what is happening is realistically portrayed. The tension she feels being exacerbated by the gothic creepiness of the dilapidated pier and almost empty apartment block where she is living. The confidence and air she has at the beginning is slowly picked away at, like the shell around a fundamentally fragile egg.

The excerpts from Sophie's diary managed to engage my feelings towards her, and made me want to protect her and her insecurities in her relationship with Frankie. It my head I've written a whole backstory to Frankie that we aren't given in the book. I've no idea if it would be anywhere near likely, but it meant that I felt a modicum of sympathy towards here throughout the whole story.

The rest of the characters are as engaging, though in some cases not as likeable, as the two main female roles. And yes, even though I did find it predictable, it was still a good read that had me fairly hooked and invested in the ending. Well worth a read.