This was a great little read that drew me in so I was almost as unnerved as some of characters contained within it.

You know how some books declare 'It'll leave you on the edge of your seat", I swear I almost fell off mine more than once. Right from the italicised prologue I was made uneasy with the arson attack by person unknown. Then I was plunged into the present day and into the middle of an accident which leaves witness Anna's life unravelling, as she recognises a face from her past.

It was this unravelling that creates such a sense of unrest. I did have some inkling as to what was going on behind the lines, but the plot is so tightly wound, that now I've finished it I couldn't possibly hold my hands up and say which bits I knew and which bits were just given to me at the end. I do know for sure that initially I felt sympathy for Anna, but then as her behaviour becomes more and more erratic, this sympathy turns into a huge sense of disquiet and untrustworthiness. The steady decline is really quite uncomfortable to watch, and will have you holding your breath and biting your lip in equal measure.

Then there's Liam, the poor unfortunate victim of the car accident, who impassioned "Help me" plea, sends Anna's world imploding. Both him and the other equally important bit-player characters are crafted with the same shall-I-or-shan't-I trust them vibe as Anna is. They all serve in building up this tension that runs through every page. My gut instinct towards some of these may have proved correct, but honestly I couldn't care less, surprises were certainly not lacking.

Quite honestly some of the recent 'psychological thrillers' that I've reviewed recently could definitely do with taking a lesson from K.L. Slater, on how to write a book that actually delivers on the 'thriller' part of the name.

Really this is a gem of a read, hugely enjoyable in a perverse making yourself feel on-edge kind of way!