I thoroughly enjoyed reading Old Bones; it having a plot that meant I was always seeking the answer to the mystery of the old bones themselves. I have however, quite obviously missed some (or all) of the preceding books and there was a sub-plot bubbling away that I wasn't completely up to speed with. This didn't really spoil my enjoyment though, and it does mean that I shall more than likely dig out some of Cynthia Harrod-Eagles' previous books featuring Bill Slider; the fact that there are 9 means that I'm in for a treat!

I did like the characters and they are obviously well-established by the time of this novel, which helps I think. Slider himself is the glue which holds the team together, and he is well-rounded enough to engender faith in him. He obviously is something of a maverick figure, as he is given this cold-case as a means to keep him out of the limelight - so I shall enjoy reading the series from the beginning to see how the character has developed to where he is now. I didn't quite grasp the nuances of DC Ruth Connelly, but that is because I haven't read of her before rather than a fault of the writing, which is easy and pleasing to read. I must say that I did enjoy the chapter headings, like the writing itself they're witty and show a complete grasp of where the novel is going.

The mystery of the old bones is intriguing and enough of a who-dunnit to keep me engrossed throughout. I shall admit to solving the mystery about halfway through, and whilst I was disappointed in this, it didn't put me off reading the rest of the book. I realise that this was partly due to me wanting to prove myself right, but isn't that everyone's reaction?! The cast of supporting suspects are a varied bunch, each of them very definitely lending an air of Cluedo to the proceedings.

This is obviously going to prove a popular choice for those fans of Cynthia Harrod-Eagles, but as a stand-alone novel I reckon it's pretty much bang on the money for being a great read. I do so love finding a new series, it gives me a little thrill to discover an already established string of work that will keep me entertained for a good while. Old Bones was a great introduction to the world of DCI Bill Slider and I'm thrilled to recommend it.

Old Bones is out 01.02.17 - Pre-order it now!