I have to say that this book kept calling me back to it whenever I had to leave it for whatever reason, but then it also took me so long to get through it. Quite bizarre.

I shall start off by saying that I think Joe has to be the most forgiving husband considering the events of the book, but he is a good protagonist nonetheless. I particularly enjoyed the bond he shared with his son William, that added a note of tenderness to the storyline.

But I did find that certain elements of the book verged more on a Hollywood film rather than in any sense of realism. And because of this I couldn't totally commit to it as a thriller. This wasn't helped by the writing style, which I felt was slightly choppy, and whilst not in any way stilted, lacked a little on the free flow fluency for me.

So that aside, as a thriller, I was hoodwinked - and you know by now how much I enjoy that when it happens. I should add to that statement, when the events make sense I enjoy being hoodwinked, and thankfully, putting aside the realism, it did make perfect sense.

I enjoyed, if not particularly liked, the characters; they may have lacked a little depth in places, but they were equally likeable, shady and odd in the right measure. They never really gave anything away though, and so I never knew where I stood with any of them to be fair. Though quite why Joe's best friend behaved the way he did, I couldn't quite fathom.

I think it will be interesting to see what T.M. Logan has in store for us next. Lies was certainly a fair start.