I shall tell you first of all that Wrong Number has a follow-on book which is due out in May 2017. The only reason I'm saying this is because I'm the person that got annoyed at the end of the first Lord of The Rings film because it didn't have a proper ending! Wrong Number does have a natural ending of sorts, but now I have to wait to find out how events are finally tied up - that's not to put you off, just to tell you in case you're as impatient as me.

It was a bit of a puzzling title as the wrong number is a bit of a throwaway event at the start, and the book unravels into the mystery disappearance of Amanda's husband Will. It doesn't bother me as such, it's just a bit odd. I must say that I enjoyed this part of the mystery solving much more than the later scenes which at times felt a bit too "Hollywood" in their delivery. That doesn't mean that some parts failed to have me ever-so slightly nervous however; certainly some of the action is tension filled. I was just in a bit of a quandary as to how believable I found it, which in turn left me feeling a bit deflated.

The puzzle of Will's sudden departure however was enjoyable. I honestly didn't have any idea where he'd gone or why he left without saying goodbye. I also found the love triangle aspect between Amanda-Will-Shane interesting, and it managed to add an extra frisson and lightness to the book. I can see why Cays Jones was unwilling to stop writing about them, as they are likeable enough for me to care about and want to read more of. Though I do hope Amanda loses the constant references to her hero-worshipping of her dad - that did get a little grating by the end of the story. It made sense as an explanation to Amanda's personality, but I only needed it pointing out once to understand it. But Shane in particular has a lot of potential to become a serial protagonist I thought; he definitely had enough personality and attractiveness to carry the book forward, and he grew into the story as it progressed.

So, rather than a game, it was a book of two halves for me. Overall I did enjoy it and I'd say it's definitely worth a read. I shall certainly look out for the sequel when it is published next year.