I am ashamed to say that I think I have another of Eva Dolan's novels on my bookcase(s) of doom. Judging by Watch Her Disappear, they'll obviously be ones that appealed, but have for whatever reason fallen into the endless circle that is the TBR pile. Equally obviously, I shall now have to hunt them down.

So this being my first introduction to Zigic and Ferreira you might think I'd be running behind on who's who and the nuances long-standing characters have, but I honestly had no problems. I mean obviously there are references and relationships that I was a little unsure of, but absolutely nothing that caused me any concern or in any way spoilt the book. Thus, if like me you've not read the previous novels in the series, don't let that in any way put you off - this one only serves to make you want to read the rest pretty quickly.

I did like both the characters, finding them interesting and with enough depth that I cared about them. The other side characters held the same interest, if not always the same level of likeability, through characteristics rather than writing style I should add.

And as for the storyline; well it had me hooked that's for sure. The murder of Corrine remained pretty much of a mystery throughout, and the dual plot of the numerous attacks gave an added depth to the novel as a whole. It is certainly sufficiently meaty to keep any reader captivated and enthralled.

I'm pretty sure that there is so much more I could tell you about Watch Her Disappear, but I'm afraid that thanks to a spectacular head cold, I'm going to simply say - Please buy this and read it - you definitely won't be disappointed.

Out in hardback on 26th January 2017