Monster In The Closet proved just why I'm right to have Karen Rose on my must-read list; it's a beauty of a book.

Putting aside the thriller aspect for just a minute, this was a much more tender story than I was expecting. The relationships built up are actually really touching and I'm not afraid to say that I shed tears several times whilst reading it. The nuances of what it takes to make a family, and the heartbreak of loss and the pure joy of discovery managed to hit a real nerve with me, they were so exposed and honestly written that the emotion was heart-warming to read. On the other hand the burgeoning romance between Taylor and Ford brings an altogether different sort of energy to proceedings. For established fans of the Baltimore series like me, it was good to see Ford having a successful romance at last; it definitely brings a heat to the storyline and there's an air of (pleasant!) raunchiness that runs throughout. And whilst the actual thriller part is what drives the plot, I felt this was much more a book about taking the characters forwards, and the relationships, both forged and existing, are what makes this book so special.

Then so to Jazzie and Janie, and their devious and evil Father, Gage, who opens the books by killing their 'mama'. Whilst despicable obviously, it all felt plausible and realistic, and as usual, gripping. The fact that pretty much all of the 'Healing Hearts with Horses' family gets involved in the action just makes it even more thrilling, with most in some kind of danger if not physically then certainly emotionally. And whilst I don't want to put myself in the line of danger, I can't help but feeling just how lovely it would be to be part of this extended family.

So once again Karen Rose show why her books are so popular with this latest, Monster In The Closet. I loved every word.