Oh my word - I so enjoyed this book, so much so that I am actually pretty tired this morning. Yes folks this is another don't start this unless you can finish it, because honestly I didn't want to put this down.

Hailed as the "Australian equivalent to Jodi Picoult" I can see where the similarities lie, both are obviously used to writing family dramas, but I confess I have never read any of Nicole Trope's previous novels. If Forgotten is any indicator I've obviously been missing out, and I certainly mean to rectify this as soon as I can. For some reason Picoult novels always remind me of being on holiday, and I can picture myself lazing around catching up with Trope's back catalogue - though perhaps I'm fantasising too much considering the three children usually vying for my attention! Anyway, so to the book.

Telling the tale of an abducted baby, Forgotten is the stuff of nightmares - that split second decision that can have such terrifying consequences. And it is the mundanity of the situation that makes it so compelling, deciding to leave your baby in the car whilst just popping into the shop for a pint (or litre - sorry!) of milk. I mean it's the dilemma most face at some time, especially when you're in a rush or unwilling to wake a sleeping baby. Should you do it? No. Do people do it? Of course. They probably wouldn't after reading this though!

Now I'm a pretty neurotic mother, I can see danger in pretty much any situation, but I felt so on-edge reading this. The fear I have of anything happening to my children is guaranteed to bring me out in a cold sweat, so I totally empathised with Malia and the overwhelming distress she feels on discovering that baby Zach is not safely tucked up in his car seat where she left him. As much as I understood her complete frustration at her useless husband Ian who fails to bring home the milk that prompts this whole scenario. The interactions between each of the characters is so realistic that I could imagine pretty much all of them as neighbours or friends. And it is this realism which dragged me into the book and kept me hooked until the very last word.

The abductor is pretty much as you'd expect - and her mental instability only served to heighten the tension. I believed that they were capable of anything and whilst I was urging there to be a happy ending, I was never completely sure that I was going to get it. I was on this rollercoaster of a read that I was totally enjoying, but at the same time I wanted to get off and watch it make the safe return from afar. The surrounding characters are as rounded and well-portrayed as the main players. The two officers in particular are thoroughly engaging, especially Ali who is trying to come to terms with her own horrific experience.

In fact I found pretty much everything perfection. Forgotten is totally engrossing, jam packed with tension and drama - totally recommended.