Loved it! Don't Close Your Eyes is a delicious blend of family drama and psychological thriller that I devoured in a day - it was just so good.

Told through a series of flashbacks and present day, it's a chilling story of love, friendship, abuse and loss - and I think it is fair to say that it doesn't shy away from any of it. The fracturing of the bond shared by twins Robin and Sarah is heart-breaking, and the blame for this lies totally with the parents. The callous way in which the girls are treated is as devastating as the abuse Callum suffers at the hands of his father Drew. Though it is not spoken of directly very often (barring of course the horrific incident abroad late in the book) the tell-tale signs of abuse are all too evident and the effect it has is also clear to see. I was left wondering at times about the decisions Angela makes and just how she could be so blind, but I guess her level of self-absorption is frankly all too plausible.

It is the dynamics of the relationships between the family members that makes Don't Close Your Eyes such a great read - the ripples of events long past that steadily build up until they become these huge waves that engulf each of the children in different way. It seemed that there would be no way of escaping, even for Robin who after a short spell of success is now literally trapped by agoraphobia and a life lived in fear. Then we have the mystery surrounding Sarah and just how guilty she is of the horrendous charges accused by Jim - the charges that are laid out so matter-of-factly which she denies, yet insinuates that there is an element of truth within them. The slow build-up to the meeting between the two of them just lends to the sense of tension that unnerves and questions you throughout. Questions that challenge your perceptions right until the end in fact.

Don't Close Your Eyes is a brilliant read and I am sure it will prove to be one of the big hits of the year - it's fantastic.