This was such a great read, thoroughly enjoyable due not only to a great plot but also terrific characters.

DC Cat Kinsella has as complex a family dynamic as you could imagine, and it's written with a sense of realism and layers that makes it totally believable. Not only the sibling relationships but especially the one she shares with her untrustworthy Father, the one that impacts on the rest of her life. I really liked her as a character, she was flawed, hard-working and had a sense of tenderness that was just so endearing. Together with the other detectives, DS Luigi Parnell and DCI Kate Steele, they made such a well-formed group it was as if they were already long-established characters rather than making their debut in Sweet Little Lies. Luigi Parnell in particular already has my affection with his no-nonsense approach to work, coupled with his paternal mannerisms and obvious love of his home life. Whilst they try to find the killer of Alice Lapaine, the bonds that hold the three of them together are subtly tested and strengthened so that I did care about them.

The plot is well-crafted and revealed at a pace that held my attention throughout. There are enough surprises to more than outweigh the more obvious aspects of the story, and once again all of this is anchored by an equally interesting set of suspects and witnesses.

Caz Frear is certainly an exciting new voice on the crime thriller scene; I mean what a way to start! Sweet Little Lies is a terrific read and I really do hope that we'll be seeing more from her in the not too distant future.