I feel like an excitable little kitten writing this, such is my eagerness I'm going straight to typing it up (no it's not at all linked to the fact that I can't find my notebook!). So where to start? Obviously after reading Helen Field's debut novel, Perfect Remains, I was very eager to get my hands on the next book to feature Detectives Ava Turner and Luc Callanach. Beyond eager probably. Perfect Prey did not disappoint me at all - I loved it.

I shall say now that if you found some of the scenes in Perfect Remains a little too gruesome then Perfect Prey in my view is just as gory. Not that I minded that at all (without sounding like a psychopath of course); it isn't gratuitous, it is all part and parcel of the storyline, but it is there. I am actually quite loathed to include this in my review, but I suppose I should mention it just in case you are of a delicate disposition!

Meeting Callanach and Turner again was like greeting old friends, so well were they introduced to us previously, and they have lost nothing of their charm. There is some separation between the two of them here in both a professional and personal manner, with Ava rather annoyingly ignoring that connection she found with Callanch in Perfect Remains. I was not happy. Quite why she would ever choose the horrid DCI Joe Turner over the luscious Luc is a mystery - yes it is explained perfectly in the book and I do understand it really, but you know....come on!! There are significant developments in the characters themselves running alongside the crime plot, which just served to further entrench me in this rather scary world and added an extra level of depth to this series - with most of the main characters going through their own journey.

The storyline is as terrific as the characters and whilst I have read a few novels featuring the darknet, Helen Fields manages to put her own terrifying twist on it. The action is packed in and is skilfully written to provide a suspenseful read which will have you biting your nails and holding your breath in several places. And if you're anything like me you'll get to halfway and just be wishing that this wouldn't end, such is your enjoyment.

I read recently that Helen Fields has (quite rightly) been longlisted for the McIlvanney Prize Scottish Crime Book of the Year Award, alongside my one of my long-time favourite authors Val McDermid. I'm honestly not surprised; she certainly earned it with the superb Perfect Remains. So, if you enjoy crime thrillers Perfect Prey is a cracker, in fact even if you're not a regular crime reader please give this a go.


Perfect Prey is out 27th July 2017