I'm so excited to be taking part in my first ever blog tour - and even more excited that it's for as great a read as Find Me.

This is such a cleverly woven storyline with a thrilling plot that kept me enthralled throughout. The story starts off slowly, with the first part alternating between the present (with Jar searching for his love, the presumed dead Rosa); and the history of their meeting and subsequent relationship. I thought this worked particularly well in building up an in-depth picture of them both, and told a tale of love and anguish. I liked Jar and his Irish charm, and found Rosa to be equally likeable, and so while the action sometimes meandered rather than rushed, I didn't mind at all and in fact thought it worked well in building up the tension.

Find Me is a thrilling read and to be fair at times I felt like I was being plunged into a spy story, especially in the first part of the book. It is this cat and mouse chase where I was always on the hunt for clues to the truth. Carrying me through this was the love that Jar and Rosa shared, which was brought to life through the flashbacks and by the grief hallucinations which Jar believes he is suffering from; all of which made me want to find out what has truly happened to Rosa.

The second part of the novel becomes in a way a little darker, and I was taken slightly away from the world of spies, to one of experimentation and torture. I personally found the whole scientific aspect really interesting, though I did have to put aside my own objections to them first! It did however bring another welcome level to the book in terms of its obvious research, and thankfully it made this accessible whilst not talking down to the reader. It's always nice to learn something new I feel, even if it is a little disturbing!

The pace picks up in this second part with the revelation of Rosa's fate becoming apparent quite early on in Part Two. This is the part then that you need to set some time aside for, because you will not want to leave yourself waiting for the ending. I really enjoyed Find Me - it's a super read.

Thank you for allowing me to be part of your blog tour. Check out who else is taking part below.