It seems to have been ages since I last read a Marian Keyes book; I'm sure it isn't, but like a few other authors, the gap between offerings feels like it lasts forever. So it was blissful to get my hands on The Break, and even more blissful to read it - this is Marian Keyes at her best.

She weaves a tale of love, commitment, loss and discovery so wonderfully that I devoured this pretty quickly. The gut-wrenching heartache Amy feels when Hugh announces he is off on a six month journey of self-discovery is all too apparent, and I could empathise with her feeling of utter helplessness and despair (and the desire to throw the odd hairbrush or two!). And, whilst I knew she would be okay and overcome whatever lurch she found herself left in, I was committed to going along with her - mentally cheering her on at every turn. Or twist, or failed reverse cowgirl - there was a little steamy action going on here - it was quite refreshing!!

And then there were those others left behind in Hugh's decision, what a gorgeous bunch they all were. The whole family is written with such warmth that I couldn't help but fall in love with them a little. It isn't all sunshine and roses for them by any means, but even controversial subjects like abortion are tackled with the compassion and honesty that Marian Keyes manages so well. It's the fact that the characters are just so relatable that makes me love The Break; I mean who doesn't know someone similar to Posh Petra or a Steevie somewhere in their life?

Oh I could go on, but honestly just save yourself the time and go and buy it. I loved it.