Why did this have to end where it did!? Honestly if this doesn't leave you wanting more, then there is something seriously wrong. It's a terrific ending.

Oh I've just thought; that is a really bizarre statement to start a review with. But I'm sure once you read it, you'll forgive me!

So, The Secret - a very enjoyable read. I shall admit to being a tad confused at times, as this novel switches between timeframes. I'm not sure why I found it difficult to get my head around it, normally I'm on board straightaway. I do think though that it was more down to my own lack of concentration rather than anything to do with the writing, but as always I need to be honest.

As a result though, my thoughts on some of the characters got a bit mixed-up in the process - I wasn't sure who was on what side. But as it happens that didn't seem to be a problem at all by the end! I'm going to limit my thoughts on them though to just a couple: DS Imogen Grey and DS Adrian Miles - what a great team. I liked the way they bounced off each other. The history of Imogen Grey partly told by these time-shifts, makes her a very interesting character - and the way both Grey and Miles's private lives invade their careers adds an extra dimension. I'd be more than happy to read more and more of these two. And then there's Dean Kincaid - I feel myself blushing even writing his name - well, I'm not going to spoil it other than to say, that he's definitely a mix between naughty and oh so very nice! In all seriousness though, there are some very enthralling characters, though, and I don't mean this in any way negatively, I do look forward to some of them being developed in future books. There are certainly more than enough hidden depths that we're only just starting to read about.

The book is full of twists and turns, but not in a "just throw one in for the sake of it" way that lesser writing leans towards. No, everything is a legitimate, natural plot development. It certainly moves at a pace that managed to unsettle me, even the slow sedate scenes with Bridget left me a little breathless at times. There is a lot going on throughout the book, and like the characters, it feels like the peeling away of the layers has only just begun by the time the book has finished.

Which very neatly brings me round full-circle to my initial warbling. Katerina Diamond has very successfully left me feeling very satisfied by reading The Secret, but equally desperate to want to read the next chapter in the stories of these characters. So, no pressure, but please get writing!

A hugely enjoyable read.