If ever there was a thriller that demanded to be read in one sitting this is it. It's labyrinth like plot is so full of twists and turns that I was never sure who was telling me the truth and was who they claimed to be.

Most of the characters are almost Machiavellian in nature, so I was constantly questioning my own judgement of them, though of course some are more likeable than others. Jane in particular is very engaging and I couldn't help but root for her and wish her happiness. And as for the other players in this story, well, you'll have to make your mind about them yourself. There's so much I want to discuss, but spoilers would invariably creep in and that's not right.

The fact that the novel is a dual narrative and episodic, means that you'll always have to read the next "entry", it constantly calls to be read. And it cleverly feeds you just enough to add another layer of constant doubt. This doubt made the reveal of what happened to Emma not a surprise, just an inevitability. Though by that I don't mean that I "solved" it, just that all the characters were so duplicitous that I wouldn't have been shocked if it was any one of them that had played a part.

It's not even as if The Girl Before is a whodunit either, it really is a good psychological thriller. Who can be trusted actually? No-one - that's the truth here! I'm not surprised to read that this has been earmarked for a film. To be fair it does call out for it and it is more than worthy of it.

I loved this. A proper rollickingly good read. Enjoy every page of it!

Published: 2nd February 2017