I thought that this was a really interesting premise for a story - a call-centre worker telephoning someone who was about to commit suicide, it seemed so simple an idea.

Both voices worked well, and whilst I perhaps could have done without the 'bombshell' endings to a lot of the chapters, finding them a tad annoying, I really did care enough about both Lara and Liam to be invested in their stories. And certainly their hidden pasts were very intriguing. I did perhaps have to turn a blind-eye to the length of time Lara managed to stay on one phone call without getting into trouble, but I was concerned enough with the histories to discount what was happening in the present. There were a couple of other little niggles but again nothing that overtly bothered me or spoilt my enjoyment of the book; indeed I found it to be quite an assured narrative voice.

In her acknowledgements Gemma Metcalfe says 'I hope I left you guessing until the end!' I can reassure her that she did! And whilst I'm not really one that likes to talk about endings too much, I did enjoy it. I even liked the way it's left open a little which is very unusual for me.

Liam's story is quite difficult in places and I found his relationship with Jessica very sad and painful to read. And whilst Lara's story isn't quite as traumatic, it is a scarily realistic position she found herself in.

I think Trust Me is a good little book; there's enough to keep anyone entertained and it's a quick, easy and fulfilling read.

Publication date: 10th March 2017