I thought The House was an interesting style of writing, even though I was initially unsure about it; as it's written as a sort of retrospective diary by the two main characters Jack and Sydney. I'm not altogether convinced it was entirely successful as sometimes I felt it slip a little, but nonetheless it managed to hold my interest throughout.

It had what felt like a few different vibes and at first I thought (despite what Sydney writes in her first entry), that it was more like a ghost story as there is this air of mystery running through it. And though this changed as the book went on I would be hard pressed to pin it down to a definite genre, not that this is a bad thing, and of course you might wonder what on earth I'm talking about when you've read it.

The slow drip-feeding of information about what has happened to Jack and Sydney meant that I was committed to finding out their history, and thus wanted to read on even when I might perhaps have benefitted form a couple of extra hours sleep instead! There always seemed to be something else to discover, whether it was Jack's relationship with his parents, what happened to the body outside their house, or why the previous owner of the house left in such a hurry. Whilst it wasn't difficult to keep up there was an awful lot going on, so I did feel like I was being woven up in an intricate web.

I did enjoy it and though it might not be one of my best books, it's more than worth a read.

The House is published on 17th August 2017