I've done that thing of requesting a book from the lovely people at Bookature and NetGalley without clocking (or perhaps ignoring) the fact that Sleep Tight is a series book featuring Detective Ruby Preston, the previous book being Love You To Death. So, if like me, you're a newbie to the series (or indeed Caroline Mitchell) rest assured that Sleep Tight is a great standalone book, and I certainly didn't feel at a loss in any way for diving straight in with this one.

So as this was my introduction to Ruby Preston I have to say I found her very engaging - she's sort of like the detective with a heart of gold who commands the respect of her colleagues with her feisty demeanour and seeming inability to shy away from putting herself on the line, in more ways than one. She's supported here by some equally super characters operating on both sides of the law.

The Doctor is such a subversive killer, liking not only to take the lives of his victims, but to torture and stage them in some really creepy ways. His total lack of any kind of empathy or morals is really well portrayed, and he does come across as a total weirdo!

I enjoyed the chase of Detective Preston and her team trying to track down the killer, and the pace keeps going throughout so there is plenty here to keep even the most demanding reader happy.

And so now here I am in that utopia of having to play catch-up with the books of Caroline Mitchell - how lucky am I?!

Sleep Tight is a thrilling read - action-packed with great characters - what more could you ask for?