"It began with the bodies." Yep, if ever there was an opener to get me hooked immediately this has to be darn near perfect. Just five words that's pretty much all it took for me to know that I was going to love The Killer on the Wall, and I certainly never deviated from that feeling. It also helped, and I know this has no actual bearing on the story at all but, I had to look up the meaning of a word, and I love it when that happens - I like learning new words, I'm odd like that!

Anyway, digressing again sorry. The plot is engaging and whilst the murders are quite tame really, the impact on the inhabitants of Briganton was plain to see. I got a real sense of a place infamous for events that nowhere would want to be associated with, and the recent murders are an unwelcome reminder of the past as well as a devastating force on the present community.

We're led through the story by several key characters who are written with a style which makes them easily identifiable. I found myself gripped by each aspect - Mira Arian the detective in charge of the case who believes that the original murders may have been committed by someone working alongside the convicted and incarcerated Heath McGowan. Mina obviously isn't afraid to question and to work outside the box sometimes, and she will be a wasted character if she doesn't make another appearance in a future novel. Then there's Isla Bell, professor of criminal psychology, who not only is conducting studies on the psychopathic brain of murderers including Heath, but who is the daughter of the hero who arrested McGowan, and the girl who discovered the grisly remains of the three victims, saving the life of her now-husband Ramsey - the boy the killer on the wall didn't manage to murder. Indeed I reckon Isla Bell and Mina Arian pretty much make up the dream team of murder hunters, and it's nice to see some strong female characters wrapped up in an enthralling case.

The plot is twisty and turny enough to have kept me guessing, and like most good books I suspected at least three of the characters at various stages of the tale. Yes one of them was correct before you think me so flaky! I'm quite glad my detective skills are working at some base level at least!

I found the writing style really accessible, there was the right amount of tension to have me reaching for the snacks (yes, stress-eating crisps of Malteasers is a well-known phenomenon) and enough suspense that I always wanted to read more. I have great hopes that this one does well, I'll definitely be recommending it to anyone who will listen. It's terrific. It's out now - grab a copy!