I really enjoyed Here and Gone, it had an excellent storyline which left me with a definite sense of tension right up until the end. The fate of the two children, Sean and Louise, was nerve-wracking and I defy anyone not to be willing them to escape and for Audra to get her children back.

The way Audra's past threatens the present events was a clever tool to use I thought, and whilst unimaginable, it did add a sense of plausibility to events and I found myself liking her strength and tenacity. The evil perpetrators are, perhaps with the exception of one, as deplorable as you would expect with the nature of the abduction, and as a result I was slightly exasperated that no-one was listening to Audra. I will put it out there though that I just didn't gel with the character of Danny; I have no idea why but I found the whole Chinese 'Mafia' thing a tad superfluous I think. I know it was probably to give him depth and appropriate skills, but sadly it just didn't work for me very well. However even though I didn't gel with him, I did like him nonetheless, so please don't for a second let that put you off!

I felt that there was a never-ending supply of action and drama, in fact coming to think of it I'll just mention that it would make an excellent film; it'd certainly keep you gripped that's for sure. Anyway, the drama meant that I was turning the pages as fast as I could, and I had the utter delight of being able to read it in one day, which I heartily recommend as I for one wasn't going to put it down so easily. Yes there were a couple of scenes which jarred a little and made me re-read the section, but I wasn't going to let that spoil this nail-biting story.

If you're looking for a bit of action and tension you really can't go wrong with Here and Gone, it has both in bountiful measures.