There’s no way I could do anything but gush about a Mark Billingham novel, just in case you’re in any doubt as to where this review is heading! Their Little Secret though, is great - brimming with terrific writing and twisty well-crafted plot that makes Mark Billingham a master of crime fiction.

The trinity of Thorne, Tanner and Hendricks is as compelling as always; though I do confess to being slightly worried about Thorne, he seemed a little...I’m tempted to say off-colour, but I’m not quite sure that’s what I mean. I guess all you need to take from that is I’m perhaps a little too invested in Tom Thorne’s well-being than is natural! It’s all the author’s fault anyway, he’s crafted characters that are as real as the person sitting next to us; each as realistic and individualistic as our friends and family, there’s never a moment that I think ‘Oh they’d never do/say that’ - it’s just totally on the ball, always. And, as always, it’s just like meeting up with old friends, you just pick up where you left off the last time you saw them.

Anyway, the plot; as I said it’s as terrific as always - even if it seemed that Thorne and Tanner were somehow a little on the back foot with this case - a suicide that for whatever reason, pricks up Thorne’s attention. I’m not going to witter on about it, because it’s there in the blurb and, like many hotly awaited things, there’s no point in me spoiling it for you. But it is enough to make you suspicious of any new parents on the playground that’s for sure. Besides there’s nothing more I need to stay, other than if you enjoy a thriller, no, if you enjoy reading, you’re not going to be disappointed.

As always the only downside to Their Little Secret is it inevitably has to end, and so then I have to wait for the next one - and however long it takes, it is always too long. You can probably guess that I urge you to grab a copy of the book, but I’ll say it again GO, BUY, READ, LOVE Their Little Secret.