I really enjoyed I Know Who You Are, the second novel from Alice Feeney, following on from her bestselling debut Sometimes I Lie. It’s a proper twisty and turny read, written in two timeframes; the present where actress Aimee Sinclair’s husband Ben has seemingly vanished; and the 1980s which tells us Aimee’s disturbing history.

There aren’t many likeable characters in the story, with the exception of Aimee herself, and even then she has a few flaws, though with reason of course. I couldn’t even find many positives in the detectives which is an interesting feat in itself. Certainly most of them have something to hide, and they act as deviously as this suggests so there’s not that much to endear themselves to the reader.

As I’ve said it’s full of twists, and I enjoyed being taken along for the ride. Feeney has an easy writing style and I felt safe that she knew exactly where she was taking me. I am left with a couple of unanswered questions now I’ve finished, but I’m quite content to leave them unanswered to be fair. I Know Who You Are would make an excellent choice for a book group though as there are lots of threads that could lend themselves well to a good exploration and debate. On the other hand it’s a perfect read for a little downtime, curled up on the sofa, or my preferred choice of a good sun lounger; soaking up the terrific plot whilst you treat yourself to a bit of sunshine.

I Know Who You Are is a great read; greatly recommended.