I'm so thrilled to be taking part in the blog tour for Forget My Name, primarily because it's fantastic!

From the opening line 'I can't remember my own name' I was hooked on this intriguing and suspenseful novel, and found the amnesiac 'Jemma' a likeable character. I'm not sure I would have been so welcoming to a stranger on the doorstep as Tony and Laura were, but I could see how they were drawn in, particularly when the stranger claims to live in their house.

So things take an interesting turn when local man Luke bumps into the newcomer and is certain he recognises her, and then weirder still when the local Dr Patterson believes she could be renown murderer Jemma Huish. And thus begins this twist-filled read.

I felt sure that by Chapter 42 I'd got it all worked out, that I knew who was the 'baddie' in the story; needless to say I'd gotten it totally wrong! I like being surprised by books and so this was a very welcome turn.

Like his previous bestseller, Find Me, Monroe weaves the plot in a way that kept me engaged throughout, with another scientific aspect which once again interested me. The story switches between mystery, psychological thriller and crime, and I did enjoy the various strands that are interwoven like a tapestry. It lends itself to questions of trust, obsession and lies, and would be a brilliant book for discussion in a group. How much do rumours make us suspect or accept a stranger?

Forget My Name is bound to be another bestseller for J.S. Monroe, and deservedly so.

Thanks to J.S. Monroe and Head of Zeus for the opportunity to review Forget My Name, and thank for joining me on my stop on its Blog Tour. Check out below where it's heading next