Hmm, this was an interesting little book. Beautifully written, with quite a simple little premise underlying this intriguing mystery of an intruder leaving a letter to be opened at a set time.

Centred wholly around the character Sophie, she takes you through a tumultuous few days which is enough to reel you in completely. This again was one of those books you take up to bed to carry on reading. I have to say it's far better that a few games of Farm Saga, though really that isn't too difficult!

I was enthralled by the relationship between Mark and Claudine, which I have to say, kept me guessing throughout. Though I did find Mark quite loathsome and controlling after about a quarter of the book, this didn't put me off at all.

It's a good one this. One of those books you'd recommend to your friends.

I had a few questions at the end as to the reasoning behind some of the events that occurred, but not in an irritating sort of way. That's from someone who generally likes the big bow finish to things too!