I'm not sure if it was the story or the fact that this mighty tome is 596 long, but it took me AGES to read this. It became one of those 'mission' books, you know where it is a mission to actually finish it. I hate those books because it puts me off reading for a while.

I think I've probably missed one of Rose's books somewhere along the way (in all likelihood it's on my bookcase) because there seemed to be a supposition that you knew who these characters were. Ordinarily this isn't a problem, but here I just felt so bombarded with names that it was hard to get a real hold on the book, and indeed on the plot.

I didn't want to just give it up though because I do like Karen Rose's writing, but boy it was hard, and at the end it was just a feeling of "thank goodness" rather than "ooh I enjoyed that".

I enjoyed the developing relationship between O'Bannion and Bishop, but aside from perhaps 2 other characters, Stone and Gayle, to be honest I never really got emotionally involved with the others so I didn't really care whether they survived or not. Perhaps that is the best thought to end on!

Edit: I have since looked and this is indeed the second book in The Cincinnati Series. This perhaps explains my bamboozlement! If you feel like giving this a try please read it after the first, Closer than you Think, to avoid the problems I came across.