The idea behind this story was great, and it certainly kept me guessing to the end. And I have to admit that I had to keep reading because I needed to know who had committed the murder. In this sense While You Were Sleeping is a page-turner that drew me in right until the finish.


If this wasn't the case I would have given up with it I'm afraid to say. For me the writing was just a bit too stilted and felt like it lost its direction at times and suffered a little from time-lapse issues. It is probably just me, but I couldn't quite understand or follow the timing on occasions, which put me off a bit. I'm happy to conclude that this is just my issue though, you might wonder what on earth I'm talking about. Also I couldn't understand why Tara didn't go to the police. I mean I understood her reasoning, but for goodness sake has she never read a book or seen a film - her DNA would be all over that bedroom! How could she ever think that it wouldn't come out?! This slight issue aside, Tara was likeable enough a character who stood by her daughter admirably. And I liked the way she was shown as a realistic mother who sometimes struggles with some aspects of parenting.

The way the other characters were presented as potential suspects was successfully done, and as I've already said, managed to successfully keep me hoodwinked throughout. I can honestly say that I suspected everyone at some stage in the book!

I am left then in that state of not-completeness. I wanted to love the book but I'm left with the feeling of a good story but wishing it could have been more. I wouldn't necessarily want to put you off reading it though as the story behind all my problems with it, is a good one.