I'm going to skip to the end here and say that this better be the first book in at least a series of two, or I'm not going to be happy! It's left open as if it is, but that isn't to say that I Know Where She Is isn't complete - it is, don't panic! And it's good!

I was plunged right into the world of Francine, the alcohol-dependant mother of the lost/abducted Autumn who has been missing for 10 years. At first I was a bit unsure how it was going to play out with Francine rather than the police on the search for Autumn, but (despite the extraordinary luck she had) it worked pretty well. The lack of police involvement is explained quite believably, and though it does miss that authority involvement and discussion, I was always willing Francine to succeed.

The story is controlled well with the novel being split into three parts; the switch between the first two in particular being really successful in their joining and their ability to shock. The story did have echoes of relatively contemporary and despicable crimes though on a (hopefully) exaggerated scale; which in turn meant that the whole plotline was also believable.

The writing is fluent and it is an easy read which I managed to finish in a day. Oh I almost forgot to mention the fact that I didn't like Francine's ex-husband Will, I got a bad vibe from him for some reason!

Anyway, I Know Where She Is is a good, enjoyable story (which hopefully will lead to another). If you like a good crime thriller this is definitely worth a read.