My, this was a fantastic read, and it certainly felt good to be back with the Monkeewrench team. Their last book, Cold Kill, was terrific in developing both the relationships between the key characters, and in particular the character of Grace. Nothing Stays Buried has taken these developments and run with them, so these relationships are just so natural and easy to read. I don't even think it would be a problem to dive straight in with this instalment in the series, even if you haven't read the preceding books; and that is coming from me who REALLY likes to read them in order!

The Monkeewrench team here seems much softer which has helped no end in fleshing them out even further; with the team getting more hands-on working on a case of the missing daughter of farm owner Walt. I loved Walt - he was just so kind and honest, and as a character, really managed to bring out the best in Grace. As with all the books, Nothing Stays Buried has you rooting for the good guys, but honestly you'll be hoping and praying that Walt gets some kind of closure as much as I was I'm sure.

The team of course aren't alone; Magozzi and Gino run their own case alongside, trying to capture a serial killer targeting lone females. As the case develops Magozzi once again finds solace and help in Monkeewrench, with the cases seemingly sharing a few details.

The action is steadily paced and kept me entertained throughout and, as usual, made me not want the book to end. In all honesty I think this is right up there with the best P J Tracy books, and I've loved the rest of them.

I'm not going to finish this review without mentioning the very sad news of the death of half of this crack-team, P. J. Lambrecht. Traci has written a beautiful dedication at the start of the book, and having lost my mum just a few months ago, my heart and sympathies go out to her. But thank you P.J, thank you for the many hours of reading pleasure you have given me, and for letting us all into the world of your imagination.