This is a real page-turner of a novel. So much so in fact, that I nearly almost fell asleep reading it because I wanted to get to the end of a chapter.

There seemed to be a lot of characters, which I did struggle to place once or twice; though that might have had something to do with my sleep last night. I'm sure if you had the luxury of reading it in one session this would easily be overcome. It is a gripping storyline with each of the characters playing an essential role. Molly as the untrained but relentless reporter, and Sandy as the somewhat neglected teenager, serve as the lynchpins for the unfolding events. Both are likeable troubled characters who engender a sense of empathy, or sympathy at the very least.

There are lots of revelations as the book reaches its climax, and on the whole these were mostly surprises, which I was pleased about! Each coupled characters had their own personal issues to deal with, showing that money doesn't necessarily equate to happiness and a lack of problems.

Where They Found Her, is written with a style which makes it easy to read. Especially good when you want to finish quickly so you can move on to one of the new releases of the previous week! I did very much enjoy the book though, so don't take my flippancy as a sleight on it.

It really is a recommended read.