I do enjoy Tom Bale's book and Each Little Lie gave me the same pleasure, even though I did have to suspend disbelief at times.

The whole idea upon which the book is formed is an interesting conundrum - you see someone drop their keys - how far would you go to help? After all it is human nature to try to help, even though as with Jen, it might mean you'll be running late for work. So whilst I understood her reasoning I perhaps wouldn't have gone to the lengths of using said keys to enter the house in order to borrow a pen; though I couldn't tell you exactly what my solution would be in fairness. Anyway after doing her good deed Jen finds herself accused of criminal damage and so the trouble begins.

Jen's desperation to find out why she has been targeted is apparent, and again whilst not agreeing with her actions all the time, they are nevertheless plausible. And this is essentially the idea - the book just needed me to go along with it in order to enjoy it. Not that this is a problem per se, there's nothing wrong with a bit of escapism, it just felt a swing away from what I was expecting from Tom Bale. The whole scenario with Jen's estranged husband and his Father felt a bit too fanciful to be realistic, and though the action was there, the clouds of doubt overshadowed it slightly. I did however care about what happened, and thought Jen was a nice enough character to pin the story together.

So whilst I wouldn't say it is one of his best, Each Little Lie is nonetheless an enjoyable read.